We are CLEIO.

Together, we design medical devices that shape our future

Our mission

We exist to lead change, hand in hand with the innovators of tomorrow

By combining strategy, design, and engineering talents, we offer an integrated ISO 13485-certified approach to medical device development and high-tech product development. Since 2005, we have worked together to develop the best solution from the earliest stages of a product definition to production.

We support both high-potential start-ups that need resources to bring revolutionary new technologies to life and established organizations looking for new sources of innovation and growth.
Our vision

We are connecting the dots between humans and technology

We run our organization with an open and sensible approach that places a high value on people. We all work together in an atmosphere that encourages fulfillment and creativity. We are free to pursue our aspirations, while participating in the collective growth.
What drives us to go further every day is to make the world a better place by positively impacting the people and the planet with the product we develop.
Our values

The values that bring us together


We say what we do, and we do what we say. Without detours, to never lose time or our partners’ trust.


We look ahead and to the sides, never behind. Our motivation: to try, to evolve, to improve.


We have a golden rule: active listening to better understand and adapt to the people we serve from beginning to end.

Surpassing ourselves

Some people say: “we’ll try”; we say: “we’ll do it”. Because there is a solution to every problem. And we are always ready to find it.
Our story

We were founded by two great friends who had the same dream: achieving remarkable things together

Our story began in 2005 in Trois-Rivières. With their electrical engineering degree, Alexis Bilodeau and Christian Thiffault had the idea of using their expertise to help companies to develop technological products. That’s how we were born!

Other experts have gradually joined our team to ease the product design process and offer turnkey support to the client. In a few years, we have gone from two friends working in a basement to 90+ employees with offices in Trois-Rivières, Laval, and Montreal.

And our story is far from being over: after Quebec and Canada; we are heading to the United States!
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Our culture

We put the team’s well-being first

Working at CLEIO means benefiting from a highly creative environment with multi-tasking, multi-talented and multi-passionate collaborators. When they work on projects, they make sparks fly. Together, they develop tomorrow’s technological products while enjoying numerous advantages.

Want your innovative ideas to create a positive impact?

Our experts got your back.