Innovation Strategy

Turn your innovative ideas into a successful product

Knowing how to identify business opportunities for a new product is crucial. It must be functional, add value and fill a need to succeed on the market. Here is where CLEIO’s expertise comes in.

The sweet spot for successful innovation

At CLEIO, our innovation strategy reveals and exploits all opportunities to strengthen product value proposition and implementation. Our holistic and human-centered approach goes beyond the product and involves all disciplines.

A successful innovation is the meeting point of a desirable, viable, and feasible product. We bring these three aspects together to create value for all stakeholders.

We explore all possibilities

The main trap is to presume what the users and the market want. To leave doors open and explore all possibilities in the design of a new product, we identify and exploit all gaps and opportunities at every project stage:


When we still need to identify the service or product idea, we focus on discovering trends, opportunities, or new value propositions.

At the beginning

During the immersion phase, we identify gaps and opportunities early enough to focus innovation where the most value is.

During the project

We make wise decisions to fulfill strategic objectives during all product design phases.

We devote time to the immersion phase

Throughout the project, in addition to our IDEAL method, we approach every challenge encountered with the GAPS (Group, Analyze, Prioritize, Solve) methodology. It allows us to anticipate barriers and identify the successful path before design.

For us, the immersion phase plays a significant role in product design. By devoting time to it at the project beginning, we raise the innovation level and reach the strategic objectives set.


We look for information and data about consumers, users, and the market


We identify the limits of our knowledge


We check our hypotheses and answer all our questions before we start designing


We conduct the first tests early to learn from our mistakes and progress faster in the right direction
“The innovation strategy is to find the extra that will make a difference in the market and with the users.”

Ricardo Borja
Strategy & Design

We innovate while respecting medical product safety-requirements

Medical product safety is a serious topic. At CLEIO, we apply a methodological approach to consider the human-factor complexity.
Our team has experience in usability and user research in compliance with the IEC 62366-1 standard. We find a balance between safety requirements and creative ideas that can emerge when applying an innovation strategy.

We work with IEC 62366-1

We leverage the team strengths

In the innovation strategy surrounding a new product’s design, we mobilize all our teams and their expertise.
During the immersion phase, each team is involved and shares its information. These cross-functional data help us to identify helpful marketing, sales, design, engineering, and software development design strategies.

Having a design approach in the innovation strategy is full of benefits

At CLEIO, we apply design thinking principles to our innovation strategy. This method has positive impacts on the client. The following indicators can quantify them:

Faster time to market

The time spent on the immersion phase of the project beginning allows us to accelerate the development, which is the most costly phase.

The brand reaches the next level

Bringing to market a product that stands out and converts new customers positively affects the brand. Its image, impact, and value are enhanced.

Want your innovative ideas to create a positive impact?

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