Electronic Engineering

We improve the processing performance of your medical device while decreasing development time and costs

Electronics are becoming more and more prominent in the medical industry. Most medical devices now have an interface with one or more screens, rechargeable batteries, connectivity, or accurate sensors. Integrating these elements requires special attention during the design.

With their unique expertise, CLEIO’s electronics engineers design complex electronic systems with multiple electronic boards and many interconnections. All this complies with IEC 60101 standards applicable to electromedical devices.

What we do

Custom Electronics Hardware

Embedded Systems

PCB layout

Wireless Communication

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)


High Speed & Power

Tests & Debugging

Analog & Digital


Product Certification

We offer solid electronic engineering expertise to develop high-performance medical devices

A medical product is more than just buttons and LEDs. Our engineers develop solutions featuring embedded electronics with connectivity, sensors of all kinds, low and high-power circuits, touch-enabled display technologies, power management options, and battery-powered circuits.
We optimize our product by working closely with our user experience, software development, and mechanical engineering teams. Together, we define electronic boards, cables, and wire harnesses integration. We also anticipate, for example, risks that may be inherent to heat or electrical insulation.

Our rigorous method guides us to deliver an excellent electronic system on the first try

Rigor and anticipation are two words to summarize how our electronics engineers work.

We take time at the project beginning

At CLEIO, pre-design stages are crucial. Everything is at stake in electronic engineering during the initial immersion phase of the project. We like to take time to ask ourselves the right questions.
We analyze risks and standards during the definition phase and work on electronic system architectures. Our goal is to determine our direction to avoid mistakes.

We reduce the number of iterations

Before designing electronic boards, we ensure the project’s feasibility and identify all risk factors. By reducing the number of iterations, we save time and reduce costs. Our goal is to deliver an excellent electronic system on the first try.
For example, we define the critical parts that could be subject to shortages. Ordering them early enough means the design has less risk of being compromised later.

We offer full support, from the design to the medical device certification

From concept to market, we keep the project moving smoothly by letting you control the development of your medical product.
We support you until certification with ongoing communication to approve architectures, conduct reviews, write requirements, and gather documentation. This way, we are sure to meet your needs and those of the users.

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