Connected Devices (IoT) & Cloud Platforms

Together, let’s design the connected devices of tomorrow.

Connected devices have revolutionized every industry and have become a must-have in the technology product market. They are the future. Our IoT solution experts help you create smart, advanced, connected products to ensure you get all the technological revolution benefits.

New technologies we work on:

Smart home appliances and devices

Wearables and smaller devices with connectivity

Large industrial devices and machines with connectivity

Medical devices with connectivity (IoMT)

Mobile asset monitoring and tracking

Inventory management systems and predictive replenishment

With our strategic approach, we develop innovative and secure IoT solutions

A well-thought-secure IoT solution designed with the end user in mind can collect essential data. These can be used to improve efficiency and optimize processes within your company, but also to make critical business decisions based on real-world insights.
Our strategic approach ensures that you connect the right devices and gather relevant data to stay ahead of the competition. At the same time, we apply best security practices to counter threats and reduce the risk of intrusion.

Our experts help you capitalize on the potential of new technologies

Emerging technologies have no secrets for our technical team. Our experienced experts build complex systems for IoT solutions, cloud platforms, connected medical devices (IoMT), and consumer and industrial technology products.
Our engineers use their application software development, embedded software, connectivity, and proximity knowledge to provide a 360-degree solution.
If your project is medical, they use a meticulous methodology to develop connected systems that comply with the high standards of IEC 62304 for medical devices.

Want your innovative ideas to create a positive impact?

Our experts got your back.