Approach & Methodology

Our integrated approach to medical and technological product development

Together, we co-create high-performance medical products that meet the real needs of your market and end-users.

The strength of a multidisciplinary team

CLEIO’s multidisciplinary team helps you create advanced and complex physical and digital products. Applying our collaborative approach, we involve each expertise from the beginning of the project to consider all aspects of your product and accelerate its development.

Innovation Strategy

Human Factors Engineering

User Experience & Interface Design

Industrial Design

Mechanical Engineering

Electronic Engineering

Software Development

Embedded Software Development

Quality Assurance & Regulatory Compliance

We offer personalized and flexible support

At CLEIO, we are here throughout the development process of your product and even beyond.
From idea to market, we offer personalized and flexible support adapted to your needs and the nature of your project. We keep you involved through regular follow-up and ongoing communication.
At the end of our mandate, we remain present for maintenance and support.

Our process for getting aligned to develop the best solution

All CLEIO teams apply the same process to design and develop a new product. It is easier to collaborate by following the same phases and being aligned with the same deliverables despite the specificities of each expertise. By doing this, we ease the emergence of new ideas, communication, and thinking.
Before moving on to development, we must understand the problem and define the solution. It allows us to create practical solutions with lower risk and uncertainty. For you, it is a guarantee to reduce costs and market faster.


Understand the problem and the market


Define the solution


Build the solution


Test & certify the solution


Bring the solution to market
Our IDEAL process links the abstract side of product development with our client’s business reality. Thanks to it, we communicate and collaborate better with them while reinforcing the cohesion between our many expertises.

François Gélinas
Design Lead

Discover the GAPS method used in innovation strategy

In addition to our IDEAL method, we approach every challenge encountered with the GAPS (Group, Analyze, Prioritize, Solve) methodology throughout the project. It allows us to anticipate obstacles and identify the path to success before we even start designing.

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