Industrial Design

We find the balance between technology, functionality, and aesthetics

At CLEIO, our industrial designers ensure that your product is elegant, manufacturable, ergonomic, user-friendly, and safe. They are creative, versatile, trend-savvy, and process-oriented. With first-hand experience with medical professionals, they specialize in designing medical instruments and devices.

What we do

User Research
Market Analysis

Usage Scenario

Functional Architecture

Ergonomic Analysis

Renders & Visual Concepts

Prototypes & Mock-ups

Material Selection

Formative Evaluation

Cost Estimates

Brand Positioning

Engineering & Technical Validation

From early sketches to the manufacturing drawings, your product takes shape

Our industrial designers represent the solution more and more accurately as the project progresses. From conceptual sketches to prototypes and photorealistic renderings, they work hand-in-hand with you, following a well-practiced process.

Usage scenario

With the help of a user story map or a storyboard, we focus on usage from the product’s perspective. We think about the steps needed to complete a task, the requirements, and the functionality.

Market Analysis

We provide the client with a synthetic overview of the competitive landscape of its product. We establish or refine the target for ongoing development.

We define the concept to develop

Before moving on to technical development, we represent the concept to develop. We define requirements, product architecture, manufacturing strategy, and what we have to evaluate. We seek to reduce uncertainties and risks to a minimum.

Functional architecture

We create images of the elements we will integrate using 2D and 3D schematics. The diagrams help us to suggest placement options, as well as to visualize interactions and specific actions the product allows.

Ergonomic analysis

Thanks to realistic proportions mock-ups, we consider the scale, ergonomics, handling, and elements we will integrate.

Formative evaluation

Testing the concept helps us identify the user interface strengths and weaknesses to suggest improvements. Our goal is to correct usability flaws.

Cost estimate

To remain aligned with the client’s expectations, we evaluate solution costs according to the manufacturing methods.

Photorealistic renderings

We can create ultra-realistic product 3D renderings useful for marketing materials.

Harnessing the power of digital technology while remaining grounded to reality

Our industrial designers are agile and know how to use the communication and design tools at their disposal judiciously. Depending on the need, they go back and forth between 3D modeling and prototypes to guide the concept.

We deal with complexity thanks to our multidisciplinary team strength

Our industrial designers work in close collaboration with our engineers and developers right from the project beginning. This multidisciplinarity leads to decision-making efficiency and a more harmonious formal mechanical and electronic components integration.

An industrial design mastery for the medical field

Our designers are medical instruments and devices design experts with field experience with medical professionals.

An iterative and collaborative approach

Throughout the process, we make the product evolve. We like collaborating transparently with the client and conducting physical tests to align our design choices.

A holistic approach to designing a relevant product

Our work starts long before the product takes shape. To make it relevant, we pay particular attention to the market, the user, the context, the physical aspect, the risks, and the requirements.

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