Manufacturing Support and Sourcing

We offer support for the manufacturing process of your product, leveraging our experience and relationships in the industry

Our support can go beyond the product design. We can be actively involved throughout the manufacturing process, from sourcing suppliers to estimating costs. 

Although we do not directly provide manufacturing services, we can support you by making the bridge between design and production.

What we do

Sourcing Suppliers

Manufacturability Verification

Manufacturing Strategy

Costs Estimations

Production Reviews

In-house & Lab Testing

Communications with Suppliers

Support & Consultation

Our team helps making the bridge between Design & Manufacturing

Sourcing Suppliers

Based on your needs, we can connect you with the best suppliers to manufacture your product. As part of our ISO 13485 certification, all our suppliers undergo thorough evaluation through our Quality Management System (QMS).

Estimating Manufacturing Costs

Once we have information on the customer’s annual production volume and the list of parts, components, and PCBs to be manufactured, we can request quotations from suppliers. This enables us to estimate manufacturing costs and the final product cost at an early stage.

First Batches Follow-up

We inspect the first batches and verify their conformity. If necessary, we communicate any required corrections or improvements to the supplier. Our goal is to ensure smooth production with no unexpected surprises.

Product Manufacturability Verification

After selecting the most suitable manufacturing process for your product, we present preliminary concepts to the supplier to ensure manufacturability and promptly address any technical issues.

Support the Launch to Production

When all the received parts are considered final, production can begin. At this point, you may not need our presence, but we remain available to provide assistance and support if required. You have all the necessary tools to independently manage your production, maintaining direct communication with the supplier.

Support for Turnkey Manufacturing

If you prefer not to manufacture your individual parts separately, we can connect you with a contract manufacturer (CM). The contractor will not only produce or supply the parts, but also handle assembly, production testing, and packaging, ensuring 100% of the production.

Just as we do with suppliers, we guide the manufacturer through the first few batches, passing on all the necessary information so that he can supply you with a quality end product.

Design for Excellence (DFx): Optimizing the Design for a High-Quality Product​

Our engineering process focuses on creating products that are easy to manufacture (Design for Manufacturing or DFM), assemble (Design for Assembly or DFA), and test (Design for Testing or DFT).
Our objective is to optimize manufacturing costs, minimize assembly errors, and enhance the quality and performance of the final product.
At CLEIO, design discussions start early in the process to prevent unexpected issues from arising late in the product development cycle. During the definition phase of our IDEAL process, we collaboratively involve our design and engineering teams to establish the essential requirements for consideration throughout the design.

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