Working together for a positive impact on the future

Our founders are two great friends who shared the same dream: to achieve remarkable things together while having fun doing it.
From the beginning, we built our organization with an open and common-sense approach that places high value on people. We all work together in an atmosphere that encourages growth and creativity. We are free to pursue our aspirations while participating in collective growth.
We want to make the world a better place by positively impacting the health of people and the planet with the products we develop. That is what makes us want to go further every day.
“When we founded CLEIO some fifteen years ago, we agreed on a vision – a group of creative and pragmatic people working together on one of the greatest challenges of our time: creating a healthier, smarter future.”

Alexis Bilodeau
CEO & Co-Founder

The values that bring us together


We say what we do, and we do what we say. Without detours, to never lose time or our partners’ trust.


We look ahead and to the sides, never behind. Our motivation: to try, to evolve, to improve.


We have a golden rule: active listening to better understand and adapt to the people we serve from beginning to end.

Surpassing ourselves

Some people say: “we’ll try”; we say: “we’ll do it”. Because there is a solution to every problem. And we are always ready to find it.

The CLEIOFest is not a simple team building day. It’s an opportunity to build strong bonds and make good memories with our colleagues.

Plenty of activities, good food, challenges, great people and lots of fun!

We put the team’s well-being first

At CLEIO, we are proud to have our Chief Happiness Officer. Claudie never forgets a birthday and always has excellent ideas for bringing us together for good times.

Beautiful work spaces

We meet together at one of our three workspaces: in the heart of downtown Trois-Rivières, in Laval away from the famous Montreal traffic, or in Montreal near a subway station and the best barista.

Fresh air, fresh ideas

Getting outside to give the left brain a rest and laugh a little is a big part of our culture. We frequently get together outside to refill the creative well.

Genuine interest in technology

We encourage and support activities that fuel a passion and interest in technology. In 2020, CLEIO’s developers won 1st prize in HackQC, a coding competition.

Enjoying life and time with friends

We love sitting down for a good meal together. Breakfasts, 5 to 7, Thirsty Thursdays, Christmas party: there are many opportunities to relax, talk and enjoy life.

Active and competitive

Teamwork on the field translates to collaboration on projects where everyone can count on each other to do their best. CLEIO participates in the Pentathlon des Neiges every year to share strong emotions and an enriching experience.

Here’s some numbers from 2022:

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