All-in-One Medical Device & Software Development Expertise

With an integrated and ISO 13485-certified approach to medical device design and engineering, CLEIO combines innovation strategy, human factors, design, engineering, and quality assurance to deliver exceptional results.

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Our extensive experience in various fields, including oncology, respiratory, cardiovascular, and digital health systems, makes us the partner of choice for medical device and software development.

Innovation Strategy

We transform your innovative concepts into commercially successful medical products.

Human Factors Engineering

We take a methodical approach to capture the complexity of the human factor.

User Experience & User Interface Design

We design an optimal experience for your users.

Industrial Design

We ensure that your product offers a beautiful, unique and ergonomic design.

Mechanical Engineering

We merge creativity and engineering rigor to create next-generation medical technology.

Electronic Engineering

We integrate advanced electronic systems to bring your medical device to life.

Software Development

We design and implement advanced software tailored for cutting-edge healthcare and medical applications.

Embedded Software Development

We focus on seamless integration of software in medical devices for optimal performance and reliability.

Quality Assurance & Regulatory Compliance

With our ISO 13485 certification, you can be sure that your product development process follows the standards and regulatory requirements.

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