Mechanical Engineering

We build advanced and complex physical products with a collaborative approach

At CLEIO, our mechanical engineers don’t build square boxes. They create advanced and complex physical products paying attention to ergonomics, usability and safety. They work closely with our industrial design and electronic engineering teams from prototypes to production.

What we do

Material Selection

Stack-up Analysis

3D Modeling

Electronic Packaging



Complex Mechanisms

In-house & Lab Testing

Molding & Shielding

Design Reviews

Support & Consultation

We anticipate production constraints early in the process

Our mechanical engineers master many manufacturing processes to build multiple physical products. They anticipate production constraints early in the project with an approach focused on design and technical aspects.

We select the best materials

We select the best materials considering production costs and volumes, tolerance, hostile environment requirements, and other constraints related to electronic integration.

We optimize tolerances

Imperfections in the parts used to manufacture a product can affect its performance. For this reason, we discuss with our suppliers and conduct stack-up analysis to obtain a quality product without unnecessarily increasing the cost.

We test the product

We usually plan and organize tests early in our projects. When the product is ready to be tested, we perform in-house or laboratory testing depending on the required equipment.

We supervise the launch to production

Thanks to our manufacturing network, we search for suppliers to ease the product’s fabrication. We discuss with them and check the conformity of the parts until production.

We design and engineer safe and efficient electromedical devices

CLEIO’s mechanical engineers build medical devices in compliance with the IEC 60601 standard. It ensures to bring the electromedical devices we design to the market faster while meeting safety and performance requirements.

We work with IEC 60601

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