Embedded Software Development

We create complex systems with the latest technologies to develop smart and connected medical devices

Our embedded software engineers have over 17 years of experience designing complex systems for medical devices, IoT solutions, and cloud platforms. They use their firmware, middleware, software development, connectivity, and proximity expertise to create smart and flexible products.

What we do

C/C++ Development

IoT Solutions
Cloud Platforms



RTOS & Bare metal

Modular Architecture


WIFI (802.11) & cellular



We offer fully integrated development, from idea to production

Having a good strategy, high-quality components, and clean code power every great embedded software. That’s why we pay special attention to your needs and expectations.

We guide you to make the right choices early on

At the beginning of the project, our firmware developers help you identify the best operating system architecture, components, and hardware for your device. Thanks to our expertise, we guide you to make the right choices early enough to ease the solution implementation and maintenance.

We develop customized and flexible embedded software

We made recommendations according to your needs, technical limitations, production method, and use.
We prioritize a modular architecture to help with maintenance and performance analysis and to add new features to the firmware anytime needed.

A methodology tailored for medical device development

A smart, connected medical device may be required to take actions related to the patient’s health or play a role in making a diagnosis. For this reason, its embedded software must be sturdy, reliable, and secure.

We work with IEC 62304

We meet the requirements of the IEC 62304 standard

The IEC 62304 standard guides medical device software development and its life cycle. Our meticulous methodology respects the related requirements and shows us to develop safe, reliable, and regulatory-compliant firmware.
Throughout our development process, we collaborate with the quality assurance team. Together, we ensure the traceability of requirements, specifications, and code. We also perform the tests required to respect the life cycle required by the standard.

We identify risks to handle them early on

During the embedded software development, we perform integration tests, peer code reviews, and unit tests. Our goal is to find problems and improve the quality of the firmware. Our methodology allows us to identify risks quickly and handle them early on.

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