We provided our expertise to Dermadry to transform their patent-pending technology into a non-invasive, extremely user-friendly, and certified device.

Dermadry: an iontophoresis medical device for at-home treatment of excessive sweating






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Hyperhidrosis, a condition that makes daily life uncomfortable

Dermadry’s founder had hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes excessive sweating. He had the idea to develop his solution using iontophoresis, a non-invasive, reliable, safe, and effective technique that uses tap water and electric current to block sweat at the most common locations affected by the condition.

Dermadry asked CLEIO to redesign the interface of its product in order to obtain the certification for its commercialization.

How CLEIO transformed the medical device for the consumer market

We completely redesigned the device for the market with our user experience design and engineering expertise. We also guided Dermadry’s team through the product development process to reassure investors.

We proposed a new design to ensure a safe and painless use

Early on, we demonstrated that we needed to redesign the entire device to help Dermadry successfully launch to the consumer market.

A collaborative development process to innovate

Our teams worked together to take advantage of the extensive market and end-user knowledge provided by Dermadry. Their founder personally tested the design and gave feedback to evaluate the device as a user. He worked with our team to ensure that the electric current was effective but not unpleasant.
We added our expertise in project management, mechanical and software engineering, interface design, user experience design, industrial design, and quality assurance. Our engineering and software development teams worked in tandem to develop the firmware and hardware required to make the device work as envisioned in the design phase.

We designed an affordable product thanks to a cost-effective manufacturing

The added value of the device is that it can be used at home. For this reason, the price had to be as low as possible. Special attention was given to the manufacturing cost of the final design to make the Dermadry’s device affordable to consumers.

A prototype ready in 5 months and certified on the first trial

Within five months, we developed, tested, and evaluated a working prototype certified on the first trial. Today, CLEIO remains Dermadry’s primary partner. We continue to support the company in the commercialization of its products.

With the electronic parts shortage caused by the pandemic, we helped their team to find components and approve replacement parts to continue producing and meeting demand.

A medical device sold worldwide

Dermadry is the first iontophoresis device authorized by Health Canada for hyperhidrosis treatment. Marketed worldwide, it has become the reference solution for dermatologists against excessive sweating and relieves the daily life of thousands of people.

This success has allowed Dermadry to grow. Today, the company has more than close to employees.

«In addition to their expertise, CLEIO provided us with excellent communication throughout the entire process. They also made the most of every minute of our strict timeline. Working with CLEIO has ensured a solid foundation for future product development.»

Maxime Calouche
President at Dermadry

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