NOVO becomes CLEIO. Together we can propel healthcare forward.


A strong team always ready to surpass itself

Our strategy, design, and engineering talents work together to create the great medical and technological products.

From the early stages of product definition all the way through to production, our team takes satisfaction in designing solutions that positively impact the world of tomorrow. This is what keeps us going day after day.

As the driving force behind innovation, our team works hard to push themselves out of their comfort zones. That’s what a true learning culture is all about. All this in an atmosphere that encourages growth and creativity while placing a high value on people.

Pierre-André Couture

Jean-François Garcia

Robin Mimeault

Martin Desalliers

Joel Landry

Claudie Tremblay

Gabriel Gagnon

Marc-André Filion

Payam Lazemi

Jimmy Bruneau

Katia Aubry

Jean-Simon Dubord-Michaud

François Longpré

Laurent Messier

Jean-Philippe Courchesne

Philippe O’Sullivan-Dargis

Rosalie Tremblay

Julien Croteau

Caroline Bouchard

Nicolas Gauthier

Yannick Boutin

Simon Blais

Jean-Yves Pairet

Tommy Marchand

Yanik Magnan

Danny St-Martin

Alexis Bilodeau

François Gélinas

Marc-Antoine Leduc

Dany Thiffeault

Jacques Desbiens

Ricardo Borja

Christian Thiffault

Philippe Lapierre

Philippe Beauchamp

Renaud Paquet Faucher

Louis-David Parenteau

Juan Carlos Borges

Antoine Béland

Michel Bissonnette

Jean-Christophe Duhamel

Maude Leclerc-De Guire

Louis Rioux

Jean-François Lemire

Justin Bourassa

Nicolas Silverio

Sébastien Cossette

Daniel Durocher

William Pelletier

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