2023: A year we’ll never forget!

It’s undeniable that it began with a bang. As winter ended and melting snow heralded the arrival of spring, we rebranded and changed our name. Remember, just a few months back we were known as NOVO: it’s amazing how distant that seems now!

By becoming CLEIO, we have strengthened our brand image to better position ourselves in the MedTech industry. More importantly, we’ve set our sights on the American market. This year, three of the talented people who joined us are based in the USA! And a little bird tells us that this is just the beginning…

However, one aspect remains unchanged, our commitment to continual improvement. We love challenges and are eager for more! To keep tackling them head-on, we’ve continued our strategic initiatives, expanded our quality assurance team, and strengthened our project management office. This has enabled us to complete several major projects, which we’re excited to reveal to you very soon.

Our achievements this year aren’t confined to work. We also had a lot of fun pushing our limits by participating in significant sporting events. Kudos to our athletes, who proudly represented our new colors at the Défis du Parc and Pentathlon des Neiges!
2023 has certainly set a high standard for 2024, and we’re excited to see what the future holds!

But first, let’s embrace the magic of the holiday season and spend quality time with our loved ones.

Our entire team wishes you happy holidays and a fantastic new year 2024! ✨

Now, the numbers you’ve been waiting for:
new smiling faces joined the team
new projects started
0 +
new friends followed us on LinkedIn
0 +

+ we created 94 new posts

Well Needed Coffees
0 +
of Cycling on Strava
0 km

+ elevation gain nearly 6x the distance to get to the stratosphere
(our legs hurt just by reading this)

Miro "whiteboards" created
"Rassembleuses" opened to celebrate our wins
0 +
Team Breakfasts
0 +
custom CLEIO gear distributed
0 +
That’s it for this quick wrap-up! Thanks again for being part of this journey with us!

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