Healthcare Software Development

We design digital experiences that have an impact with your users.

We help you create compliant, market-ready healthcare software

Writing code is just one of many things our software engineers excel in. They work closely with our strategists, UX/UI designers, embedded software engineers and quality assurance teams to choose the perfect technology stack.

We develop iOS and Android mobile applications, web portals, desktop applications, user interfaces, and much more. Working closely with our firmware team, we build Cloud (Amazon web service and Google Cloud) and IoT solutions. We also collaborate with the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design teams to create intuitive experiences for your users.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software

Real-time telemedicine and At Home Health applications​

Medical Billing Software & Healthcare CRM

Patient Portal Software

Pharmacy Management Software

Medical Practice Management Software

Our full-stack software engineers develops powerful, interactive, and connected applications

Innovation Strategy

Human Factors Engineering

UX & UI Design

Software Architecture

Technology & Stack Selection

User Interface Integration

System Integration

Front-end Development

Back-end Development

Web, Desktop & Mobile Apps

Risk Management

DevOps & App Deployment

Maintenance & Support

Project Management

A few projects we worked on

Ophthalmology Device using image analysis software driven by AI

Healthcare software that helps detect early signs of cognitive decline

A medical device for respiratory health featuring a user friendly interface

We are ISO 13485:2016 certified for medical device development

We work with IEC 62304

Through co-creation with CLEIO’s experts, your idea is in good hands. You are sure to get reliable software.

Working with our Quality Assurance team, we confirm that the standards’ requirements are met and we create the documentation that accompanies the project. It ensures that our work is fully compliant with the high expectations of the FDA and other health regulatory organizations.

Our unique process for successful healthcare software development

Our teams contribute to the development of a wide range of medical products: digital health systems, patient monitoring systems, as well as oncology, cardiovascular, and respiratory devices.

Our support is global and personalized

Each project is different. That’s why we adapt our method according to the nature of the project and the client’s needs. Our software engineers are present from the early beginnings to the end of the software development and even after.

Our support includes regular progress monitoring and high-degree of flexibility to mobilize clients’ involvement. After the product launch, we remain present for maintenance and support.

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