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We have redesigned an imaging device used by laboratory researchers to visualize animal neural activity.

Labeotech LightTrack: a modular and customizable neural imaging device


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An imaging system that makes life easier for laboratory researchers

Labeo Technologies has invented the LightTrack, an imaging system that allows laboratory researchers to visualize the neural activity of their subjects. The device is portable and easy to install and uses a minimally invasive method to obtain images covering a large part of the animal’s cerebral cortex.
CLEIO was chosen to redesign the LightTrack to make it market-ready. We brought our expertise to Labeo Technologies to transform its functional prototype into a truly marketable product.

How CLEIO redesigned a cutting-edge device for laboratory research

CLEIO improved the device’s functional prototype designed by Labeo Technologies by refining its ergonomics and enhancing the quality of its assembly. We wanted to create a product matching its technology, with a professional look, easy to use and maintain, and more versatile by making some elements adjustable and easier to add accessories.
Labeo Technologies and CLEIO embarked on a co-creation process to develop the LightTrack. The constant exchanges between the teams brought out innovative ideas that evolved the device’s design and functionalities.

Becoming familiar with the product and its context of use

We identified the key functionalities and defined the design elements we could improve. We set out the constraints we had to consider, such as the maximum product dimensions.
Our designers conducted an in-depth study of the product’s context of use to see the different steps needed to install and start up the device quickly.

Product analysis and concept proposals

We explored many avenues with Labeo Technologies for the housing, the component placement, and the materials to propose a design that meets users’ needs.

Developing preliminary mock-ups & designs

Then, our industrial designers created a physical volumetric model of the proposed product, enabling them to put the design to the test.

We added new features for a more versatile device

After testing the preliminary model, our designers made some changes to offer more possibilities to the user and make the product more versatile.
We have allowed users to tilt the vertical support up to 30° and adjust the height of the camera and the other components attached to the support. We also integrated rails into each side of the plate to add other accessories to the product, making it even more versatile. The arm has been made reversible to allow observation of larger subjects.

Design of an add-on module

We extended the device’s new look to an independent illumination controller: a complementary tool for use with the LightTrack. And that may be the beginning since this new vision could easily be reused for future accessories or another line of Labeo Technologies products.

The strength of our co-creation process created a better product

The collaboration between the CLEIO and Labeo Technologies teams brought out the full strength of the co-creation process. As we shared our ideas constantly, we made the LightTrack evolve towards greater modularity to meet the end-user needs better.

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