We designed a revamped version of an orthosis that exceeds expectations for comfort and aesthetics.

Equilibre OdrA, an orthotic device with patented technology that effectively relieves knee osteoarthritis pain.






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A patented technology that improves the lives of thousands of patients

The company Equilibre is a specialist in orthopedic devices and has designed the OdrA orthosis for knees. The OdrA is custom-made for each patient and uses the patented “distraction-rotation” technology. Its purpose is to relieve the pain of people with osteoarthritis who wish to remain physically active.
Equilibre asked CLEIO to renew the look and feel of its product while keeping cutting-edge technology.
Previous Generation
CLEIO's Design

How CLEIO transformed the design of a patented orthotic solution

We designed the OdrA with an appearance that reflects its high level of functional performance while providing total comfort to the thousands of patients who use it up to 8 hours a day.

It is the result of a close collaboration between our industrial designers, the research and development team at Equilibre, and orthotists.

Studying the market to guide the design phase

Before jumping into the design, we looked at the different knee braces models on the market. Thanks to this market analysis, we established a map of different types of existing products and their characteristics.

Observing the orthotists’ work

We attended consultations with orthotists and patients. We were able to observe how they work, and then we understood the stakes of this type of product since each orthosis is custom-made from a digital impression of the leg.

Redesigning the orthosis

Our industrial designers got to work with the information gathered early. They explored materials and colors to find the best fit for the new product. Through iterations, they designed a new version of the orthosis that is elegant and doesn’t compromise comfort.

An elegant design

Colored fasteners

The assumed and colored fasteners remind the brand image of Equilibre. They are better integrated into the straps and cushions than the initial version.

Smooth curves

The curves are smooth, and the cushions are strategically placed to refine the orthosis appearance and comfort. Thus, the brace can be easily concealed under clothing.

Textures and finish

The subtle play of textures and the careful finishing make the new OdrA a brace that we like to show off, like high-tech equipment.

No compromise on comfort

Soft materials

The soft materials of the cushions offer pleasant contact on the patient’s skin.

Plenty of padding

Molding and padding cushions that provide maximum comfort.

Two times nominee of the Grands Prix du Design

The OdrA orthosis, revamped by CLEIO, was a gold nominee in the Medical & Scientific Apparel category and a silver nominee in the Sports & Lifestyle Equipment category at the 2021 Grands Prix du Design.

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