NOVO becomes CLEIO. A new brand identity to support our growth

We are very excited to announce our new name and brand identity: NOVO is now CLEIO. It’s a significant change, of course, but we’re still the same at the core. We’ve decided to update our image to better support our growth. Here are a few reasons for our rebranding.

We have evolved

Our story began with two friends who had the same dream. We are now a robust community of more than 80 experts divided into several locations: Trois-Rivières, Laval, Montreal, and Indianapolis. Over the years, we have focused our collective efforts on more than 2,500 innovative projects with a single desire: improving our future.

17 years later, we are proud of our journey. We are now considered one of the leaders of medical and high-tech product development in North America, thanks to our integrated and ISO 13485-certified approach. And this is just the beginning! We are more motivated than ever to continue what we have begun.

We are transforming to go even further

As we celebrate our 18th anniversary this year, we want to accelerate the commercialization of our cutting-edge services and strengthen our presence in the United States. To achieve these goals, we are adopting a new unique name that reflects our corporate DNA and a new visual identity that highlights our expertise.
“With NOVO, we felt we had achieved what we needed. The company has evolved so much that we had to show this evolution. That’s what the arrival of CLEIO does, and it’s a positive change. It’s a fun name, with a unique look and tone, that reflects everything we want to be in the next fifteen years.”

Alexis Bilodeau
CEO & Co-Founder


CLEIO is the acronym of five words deeply rooted in our culture that represent our expertise and values. These words are: Collaboration, Leadership, Empathy, Innovation and Openness.


We succeed by working together. With us, all partners shine, and every expertise is valued. With us, it is the “we” that counts.


When some people say: “we’ll try”, we say: “we’ll do it”. Because every problem has its solution. And we are always ready to guide you to find it.


We have a golden rule: active listening to understand better and adapt ourselves to the people we use our gray matter for, from beginning to end.


We believe that an important meeting is at the origin of any innovation. People collaborate, materials combine, technologies interact, and sparks ignited…


Look ahead and to the sides, never behind. Our motivation: try, evolve, improve.

We continue to put innovation and humans first

Changing our name is also a great opportunity to make a fresh start and get a new look! That’s why we are getting new colors with our new visual identity.

Humans and innovation have always been at the core of our culture. Great things happen when we work together and it’s this collaboration that can make sparks to develop new solutions. We wanted to put this winning synergy forward through our logo and style guide.

A perfect synergy to elevate the product

Our logo represents the perfect synergy. Each letter has the same shape to amplify the feeling of unity and balance while creating a mirror effect on each side.
Our icon shows two humans working together to elevate the product. It was born from the meeting between two elements in our logotype, the letter “i” of CLEIO.

Vibrant colors that merge together

Our new graphic identity puts our expertise and the quality of our work in the foreground. We use the sobriety of black and white combined with a vibrant color palette to emphasize our creative flexibility. When each hue merges with the others, it creates many graphic textures. The result echoes the synergy that defines us.
“We are thrilled to introduce CLEIO to the world. It’s been a wild journey building this from the ground up and applying our strategy and design experience into the mix, just the way we do with the products we design. We are confident we now have a great foundation to solidify our position in the MedTech industry while bringing a unique and unforgettable brand identity to the market.”

Laurent Messier
Marketing Director

Our name changes, but our values remain the same

Our tranformation is considerable, it’s true. But even though our name is changing, our technical expertise and values remain the same.
With transparency, empathy, openness, and determination, we continue to revolutionize the art of creating new technologies hand in hand with the innovators of tomorrow.

We are CLEIO, and we have one goal: achieving together to build a better world.

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